Balsam for the soul

londonAllow yourself to receive this news in a way that nurtures your soul, uplifts and sustains you, and lifts you out of your habitual methods of being. The birth of this specific kid, he role in the life span of the British people requires that individual experience and elevates it into a cultural level.

Hope to the future

urbanHis arrival renews our hope to the future. So much of the planet we’ve been comfortable with and connected to is crumbling. Institutions which are sources of stability and security are being shown to maintain advanced decay. Something so fundamental as our global economy is challenged as government after government is revealed to be in financial crisis.

The family values

black-fridayThe party of his arrival affirms family values. In these times of broken houses, an alarming divorce rate, and a civilization which may be considered disrespectful of the wholesome values that promote a satisfying family life, australia eta fee it’s refreshing to locate cease for a moment and absorb the joyful countenances on the faces not only from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The Celebration

The Celebration

Their unbridled celebration remind me of the delight I felt when my grandson was born, as well as the joy of his parents, and also the joy of our family and friends. While we chased her too soon, she lives on in the DNA of the little Prince. The care and love she so clearly depended upon her children is reflected in the photos of Prince William holding his newborn son. While her physical presence is overlooked, the loving energy of her spiritual existence is alive and well. lee mas

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His birth verifies the transcendent power of love. Seeing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge depart the hospital with their tiny Prince brought his grandma, Princess Diana into mind. What a joyful and happy day this would have been for her. eTA Canadá

The celebration of his arrival is a unifying force for good. It’s regrettable that we people have a tendency to focus on our differences rather than our similarities. In celebrating the birth of the little Prince we are drawn together and the energy of our gaps fades from the overwhelming confirmation of our shared desire to perpetuate the life span of our species on this planet.

The kingdom of the Prince


Today we can set aside our political differences, our religious differences, our fiscal differences, and join together in the joyous party life arming itself in each new generation. HRH Prince of Cambridge has arrived and the entire world is celebrating with his joyous parents! What’s it about the arrival of the child that is such cause for celebration?–20191017-0017.html